There is a general tendency to stress out over what to wear for a portrait. This is a good sign which indicates you want to look your best in your portrait. More than likely you already have just the right outfit in your closet. We hope the following information will guide your decision and enable you to be stress free as you prepare for your session.

Portrait-Example_webClothing Tips

A general rule in dressing for a portrait is to wear solid colors that are coordinated. The outfit should be one that you look good in . . . or to put it another way . . . that makes you look good. Unless you are desiring a fashion look, the clothes should not be the focus of the portrait. Avoid busy looking outfits with dominating patterns of contrasting colors. Subtle texture designs, the same color as the outfit, can make the portrait more interesting. Couples and groups should wear colors that coordinate with each other. The picture at left illustrates how not to dress for a family portrait. This is an informal spontaneous snapshot.

Professional PortraitWear dark clothing if you want to look slimmer. Earth tones and pastels work well. An accent color may add interest. The background also is a factor to consider when choosing your outfit.  Are you planning a beach portrait where lighter colors would look best?  Or are you desiring an outdoor fall portrait?  High school senior portraits may break all the rules, allowing for personality to shine.  We are always available to help guide you in your choice of clothing.

Jewelry should complement your overall look and not be the dominating focus. The goal is not to look tacky or gaudy.

It is best to wear long sleeves rather than short sleeves or sleeveless unless you want to show off your arms. The same is true for skirts, dresses, gowns, and slacks. Longer will have a more elegant look.

Men should wear a coat and tie for a formal look or solid color shirts for a more casual look.

Ladies should arrive with makeup applied, nails manicured, and hair styled. The little details make a difference in the final outcome.  There will be time available for last minute touch ups before the session begins.

Good Nights Rest

Make sure you get enough sleep the night before and enjoy a stress free day on the day of the session. Pamper yourself. Keep your schedule as free as possible.

Come Relaxed and Prepared to Have Fun

Your session will be in a relaxed atmosphere and we will do our best to make the process fun and enjoyable to you.