wall-group-sample-1_webThere are many creative ways to decorate your home or office with portraits. One key concept is to acquire professional fine art portraits that are created to be displayed as art . . . with your family and loved ones as the subject. Consider replacing your low quality art prints with real artistic portraits of your family. Portraits can be created with colors that match or complement a rooms theme. Most people make it an ongoing project and build a collection over the years as funds permit.

Consider starting with a large wall portrait in the entrance room to your home/office or the living/meeting room. Discuss with your portrait photographer the kind of portrait you want to display and the size.  A larger room might look best with a 30″x40″ or “40”x60″ framed portrait and a smaller room might look best with a 20″x30″ or a 20″x24″ framed portrait. If your entrance room into your home is a hallway perhaps a 16″x20″ will work. You might prefer the frame-less gallery wrap style canvas print for a more modern look. Bring a snapshot of your room or arrange to have your photographer come to your home and discuss options there.

wall-group-sample-4_webHallways and bedrooms are great for a gallery of exhibits. Most hallways can accommodate multiple 16″x20″ up to 20″x30″ portraits, as well as groupings of various sizes . . . and don’t forget the bathroom, family room, den, home office, etc. Each place in your home can have a unique theme of portraits that become conversation starters. Below are a few more of the limitless grouping possibilities for you to consider.

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