Dante's Beatrice

I’ve always envied Dante ever since I read of his discovery. One day Dante was standing around minding his own business when Beatrice walked by. His life was never the same and he immortalized her in his writings as that which was beautiful and good. To him she was the incarnation of beatific love and his “Beatific Vision” of God (an earthly representation of all the goodness of God). In his Divine Comedy she leads him into Paradise.

Almost thirty years ago I had a similar experience. For some time I had been participating in a home Bible study hosted at a house near the bridge in the Ghent neighborhood of Norfolk, Virginia. One night my “Beatrice” came to the study. When she walked into the room I became spellbound! To this day I cannot remember what the Bible study was about that night. All I remember is her. Oh, I do remember that during a moment of ambient silence that night I was caught by the group when I sheepishly asked Mary Anne, “So, where have you been?” Which meant and was correctly interpreted by everyone as “So, where have you been ALL MY LIFE?”

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I was embarrassed at the time for being discovered, but I have never regretted being taken captive by her. She has been my greatest good on this earth. God has blessed me far more than I deserve by bringing her into my life. She still seems like a dream.

I cannot compete with Dante’s classic literature, but I do offer this humble post in tribute to “my Beatrice” . . . my wife, Mary Anne. She is the God-sent incarnation of my Beatific Vision. I have been blessed beyond measure being married to her and sharing life together with her. Come to think of it, I don’t envy Dante any more!

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