Senior Portrait

Someone has said every artist’s portrait attempts to capture some aspect of the essence of the subject. Portraits are depicted in many styles . . . formal, casual, and even dramatic. Every successful portrait captures a part of the subject in such a way that the portrait becomes a timeless heirloom that will be valued for generations.

I was reminded of this today as I prepared for an upcoming portrait session. It happened when I was testing equipment and asked my daughter, Susanna, to let me take a few images of her. She was not dressed up for a portrait, but I was not thinking of photographing her for a portrait. Yet, when I looked through the lens it seemed like time paused momentarily. I realized she had entered the world of art. She seemed timeless and beautiful. I captured a little part of her at that moment in time . . . and now it has become a portrait to remember. It will always remind me of how special those few moments together were. It will remind me of how she has always been willing to help me even when she’s busy doing other things. I saw in a new way how young and beautiful she is and how much of a blessing she is to me.

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