On October 31st the Lenoir-Rhynes’ Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary unveiled a bronze statue of Mr. Luther to celebrate this year’s anniversary of the Reformation. It depicts him singing hymns to his wife and child (their statue is in the commissioning stage). It is a beautiful sculpture full of a symbolism associated with Luther. Like him or not, he has had a profound influence on our history, culture, and individual lives. Life would not be as we know it today if it were not for him, and others like him, who brought about the Reformation.

We recently “reformed” our site to a new format. Although we don’t expect it will change anyone’s life or have a profound influence on our culture, we hope you like the new look. Enjoy the images in our portfolio. Feel free to make comments, to “Like” us on your social sites, and to share us with your friends in other ways.

Numerous clients have enjoyed our previous design for many years. It can retire knowing that it served us well and “died with its boots on.”

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